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We are new to Pam Health at Home. My dad is 84 and needed lots of help, the workers rose to the challenge. They are excellent workers, prompt, efficient and very nice. I am more than grateful for  Pam Health at Hometaking care of our needs with professional help.


My name is Joyce. I am 83 yrs old. I use Pam Health at Home. I really enjoy their service. They are very professional.  Management is very caring.

The caregivers are always on time and professional, and do a fantastic job. 

I would personally recommend them to anyone of my age who needs home health.

I will give them 5 stars for their service.   


"Pam Health at Home was wonderful!  The Therapist always left detailed instructions.  Pam is the reason I got well so fast!"

"Pam's Management even followed up with me after my care!  They were awesome!"

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